REVE Kandale Story

We are two organizations working together to achieve a mission.


REVE Kandale

The Réhabilitation de l'Espace Vert et des Ecoles (REVE) - "Rehabilitation of Green Spaces and Schools (DREAM)" - was founded in 2010 as a local self-help organization engaged in improving life in Kandale, Kwilu Province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with a focus on:
• Reforestation
• Education
• Empowering girls & women

Schools Supported by REVE Kandale


Gufwa-Gubila Kandale High School

215 Students (72 girls, 143 boys)
12 Classes and 17 Staff (2 Women)

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Gufwa-Gubila Primary School

276 Students (129 girls, 147 boys)
13 Classes and 14 Staff (4 Women)


Lycee Gina Gisanga Kandale Girls’ School

216 Students (110 girls, 106 boys)

12 Classes and 24 Staff (5 Women)


Muwangi Village Kandale Primary School

132 Students (67 girls, 65 boys)

6 Classes and 7 Staff (2 Women)


Kibanda Village Catholic Primary School

205 Students (102 girls, 103 boys)

7 Classes and 8 Staff (2 Women)


Nzemba-Giboba Primary School

257 Students (128 girls, 129 boys)

7 Classes and 8 Staff (2 Women)

REVE Kandale Foundation (RKF)

The REVE Kandale Foundation, Inc., (RFK) is a US-based 501c3 non-profit organization founded in August 2016, and working in partnership with the local Réhabilitation de l’Espace Vert et des Écoles – REVE – (DREAM), and its more than 100 dues-paying community members to build a better future for the children of Kandale and improve their lives. RKF focuses on:

• Fundraising based on local feedback on priorities

• Strategic planning to support targeted initiatives

Colette Ramm is a member of both organizations and maintains alignment and ensures effective management of funded projects.

Opération 1000 Tôles

The “Opération 1000 Tôles pour Kandale” - “A Roof for Kandale” - is another fundraising arm of REVE Kandale with a focus on the diaspora.

Our Focal Points:

DR Congo Belgium France


Beleji Kashitu Modeste

+243 (0) - 844813550 (WhatsApp)


Vitaline Nzoku-Yambe

+32-4492-180267 (WhatsApp)


Paul Mayele Duval

+33-631-200007 (WhatsApp)

REVE Kandale: Donors - Opération 1000 Tôles - video