Every Child | Every Dream

REVE is an acronym that in French means “rehabilitation of green space and schools,” but it also spells out the French word for dream. Our name is no accident.


We are a community-based organization that seeks a brighter future for the children of Kandale, a small rural community in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Our dream is to create an ecologically sustainable community where families can raise their children for generations to come, educating them in safe and modern school buildings in a way that they can compete in the fast-moving world of the 21st century.

Congo faces many challenges, but the community of Kandale has come together to chart a course for a better future. The community has the will, the energy, the desire, and the passion to complete this journey. The lives of their children depend on it.

On these pages you will learn more about Kandale -- the early years as a Mennonite mission community, the rich culture of the Pende people, the self-help nature of the school construction projects and tree-planting programs. And you will meet the leaders of the Kandale community and learn of their determination to build a better future.

We hope you can join us on this journey of a lifetime!


Our vision is that every child in Kandale attains the right to quality formal and non-formal education and develops her or his full potential.


Our Mission is to promote equal access to education for all girls and boys through the creation of a safe and protective environment.

Program Areas



A solid education is the gateway to achieving one’s dreams. How to get there?  Well-built schools, trained teachers, reliable teaching materials…

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Girls and Women

Providing specific assistance for girls and young women to help them arrive at adulthood with the education and tools they need to realize their own dreams. How to get there? Residential schools, specific trade training for sustainable occupations…



Healthy minds need healthy bodies. Our unique tree planting program is a way to repair a damaged environment and provide sustainable food.  How to get there? Tree planting projects and protection of the environment …


REVE Kandale: Building Schools. Unleashing Dreams - video