Our Logo


Methodology Behind the Logo

Designed in 2018 by the Rev. Vicki Fogel Mykles, the new RKF logo is a redesign of the REVE Kandale logo, guided primarily by its mission statement: Promoting equal access to education for all boys and girls through the creation of a safe and protective environment.

The new tag line: “Every Child. Every Dream” neatly encapsulates our goal that every child in the Democratic Republic of Congo deserves a chance to learn, grow, and dream.

The children under the tree are both learning (reading the books in their hands) and maybe dreaming…  Because, who doesn’t dream just a bit when reading something new?

The girl is the larger of the two figures.  She might even be an adolescent.  This is intentional as girls often are unable to complete their education in cultures that place a low value on learning for females.

The tree is frequently a symbol for growth, both intellectual and physical.  A tree provides a safe, shady, and friendly arbor for quiet contemplation, conversations, discussions, rest…  and dreaming.  As children in Kandale expand in knowledge and stature, this symbolic tree provides a solid backbone for their growing experiences.  So the children were melded into the trunk.

Trees are more than abstract symbols, however.  New trees are being planted in Kandale and surrounding villages in an intentional reforestation program to heal the landscape and provide nourishing and sustainable food for area communities.

Finally, both trees and people have roots that run deep in the places they call home.  The children of Kandale and its surrounding villages are the future of this region.  But there is more to their future than just a small school, village, or country.  Because of the current time and space they occupy in history, they are not children of a single geographic place.  They are children of the world.  The gifts they will eventually bring to the global stage will be interpreted through their uniquely African experiences and dreams.  

The lush African leaf canopies lent themselves to assuming the shape of the continent in which these children reside.  Their land floats above them as reminders of the value of their heritage and future contributions.

In the end, a logo’s job is to clearly interpret the goals of its organization.  An added bonus is a logo’s ability to call a viewer into deeper meaning.  What’s described above is what we see.  What others see in this may inspire different concepts and dreams.

 What do you see for the children of Kandale?